Our Story

It has been one wild ride!
Mint Day

On January 4th, Bored Ape Solana Club (BASC) launched a stealth mint held on launchmynft.com. A stealth mint meant that there was zero marketing or advertising dollars invested into the project. After almost a full 2 week mint process, FOMO kicked in as all 6001 NFT's were minted on the Solana blockchain for .69 SOL (roughly $80 at the time).

The Launch

Mint was complete and an announcement was made in the discord that the project was listed live on Magic Eden. The entire community erupted with excitement because there had been so much debate on if the project would actually get verified and approved.

Derivative Badge

With all the uproar BASC had caused the Solana community, Magic Eden felt the need to make a decision to remove Bored Ape Solana Club from their front page for 48 hours. After lots of internal debate, Magic Eden’s resolution was to invent the “derivative badge”. BASC was labeled the first derivative NFT project.

The Collapse

Bored Dragon listed his BASC PFP. After listing, he went inside the new BASC discord and said, “this was always my dream”, then deleted the original discord (which now had reached 15k members) and the Twitter account before disappearing. Rugged!

The Derug Process

The proposal from DakDaze, Exxempt, & Kitsune required the community to raise 100 SOL to remint out the entire 6001 BASC NFT's and airdrop to holders. Within 12 hours the community came together and donated the 100 SOL. The team reminted and relisted on Magic Eden.

The Rebirth

Kitsune revamped the entire BASC collection by hand drawing the entire collection trait by trait. With the help of the Head Developer Exxempt, all traits were combined into 900px & 300dpi quality update was applied and the new artwork was well received by the community!

The Sail to OpenSea

Bored Ape Solana Club was approved on OpenSea for launch! The project is now a verified collection on OpenSea.

Website and Merch

Bored Ape Solana Club released their updated website: https://www.bascdao.net/ and Community member "Millz" stepped in to rebrand and launch the 1st BASC merch collection


  • ✅ Speak at FX Summit 2022 Conference
  • ✅ Official Partnership Chart Addicts
  • ✅ Launch daily utility giveaways
  • ✅ Official partnership with TTI Academy
  • ✅ Purchase Blue chip NFTs for the DAO
  • ✅ Launch of BASC Foundation
  • ✅ Rebuilt a school in Nigeria
  • ✅ Built a neighborhood basketball court in the Philippines
  • ✅ Derug and saved several solana communities
  • ✅ Launch Collab NFT collections and airdrop to the community
  • ✅ Switch to pNFT enforced royalties
  • ✅ Launch Staking Vault
  • ✅ Launch the Noise DAO
  • ✅ Launch the Zombie DAO
  • ✅ Launch the Jungle DAO
  • ✅ Launch the Robo DAO
  • ✅ Launch the Suits DAO
  • ✅ New Website
  • ✅ Speak at FX Summit 2023!
  • ✅ Explore the metaverse

More Building

  • 🕑 Airdrop 1000 OG mint passes
  • 🕑 Launch BASC NFT's v2
  • 🕑 Hunt for lifetime private resort
  • 🕑 Host in real life events
  • 🕑 Further Partnerships for even further utility