Bored Ape Solana Club

The Past, Present and Future of Solana

Apes Stronger Together

The intention was always set to be an elite NFT community made up of 6001 Solana BASC NFT's, all hand drawn with unique trait combination not matching any Ethereum BAYC NFT's.

In the Solana NFT space, a community, solid road map, and utility is needed. We have the community, laid out the roadmap, and are building the utility!

We are working each and everyday to test the waters and get feedback on opportunities for our project's next big steps. We have had a large number of collaboration offers, that's not the problem. Our mission is to select the best opportunities that represent the value of the BASC community we have built together.

It is up to us to share our story and show the entire Solana NFT family that we are here to stay. Giving power back to the people.

Hand Drawn Traits and Unique Combinations

A whole new existence of 6001 Bored Apes on the Solana Blockchain. All trait combinations are new and BASC is not affiliated with Yuga Labs. Traits were hand drawn by our very own artist Kitsune.

Diamond Hand Community

What began as a project start in January 2022, continued as a community derug in March 2022 and developed into one of the strong communities on the Solana blockchain. Every project has ups and downs but how you make it out the other side is what matters. BUILDING!

Like What We Offer?

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Magic Eden Tensor